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Download MS Office File using Servlet (IE Compatible)

It is not unfamiliar to see an application using servlet for file downloading these days. However, you still could often see people having problem to do the download using IE.   If you have been searching for a solution on … Continue reading

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Spring Security (2) – Shared Components

SecurityContextHolder And Authentication Objects The most fundamental object is SecurityContextHolder. This is where we store details of the present security context of the application, which includes details of the principal currently using the application. By default the SecurityContextHolder uses a … Continue reading

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Spring Security (1) – Config

A Minimal <http> Configuration All you need to enable web security to begin with is   <http auto-config=’true’>     <intercept-url pattern="/**" access="ROLE_USER" />   </http>   You can use multiple <intercept-url> elements to define different access requirements for different sets … Continue reading

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