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Notes for Oracle SQL Usage

  General Functions Regardless of the logic purpose of the following codes, let go through each function that have been used within them   Round(Avg(To_Char(SysDate-7* RowNum,’ DD Month YYYY’)))   SYSDATE: Returns the current date-time from the server where the … Continue reading

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JQuery: Auto Complete Plugin

Have found the JQuery is really handy to duel with complex javascript tasks. In this article, I am going to introduce the auto-complete plugin.   First of all, like many other JQuery plugins, you need to have the JQuery library … Continue reading

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Potential problem with Open Session in View

This article is to introduce the solution of an open connection problem for Open Session in View   Servlet 2.3 Filter that binds a Hibernate Session to the thread for the entire processing of the request. Intended for the "Open … Continue reading

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