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More about Criteria

  In the earlier note, I have compared the using named query and criteria in general. In this note, I will talk a bit more about the criteria, as I have realised one major advantage of criteria that was not … Continue reading

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A Completed Example for Hibernate

A Completed Example for Hibernate In the following example, I am trying to create a new trial user and create a default subscription for it based on Hibernate lazy initialisation. In the first part, I would like to HibernateTransactionManager to … Continue reading

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Spring Hibernate Fundamental Review (1)

Spring Hibernate Fundamental Review Having been working with spring hibernate for a quite a while. After few projects in practise, it looks quite different from what it was first met.   Data source   <bean id=" dataSource " class="org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.DriverManagerDataSource">   … Continue reading

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Introduction to Hibernate 1

Persistence and Hibernate Persistent means stored in some kind of non-volatile storage medium, so typically on a disk. The idea is that turning off the machine doesn’t result in your data being lost although persistence alone doesn’t cover recovery or … Continue reading

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